caroline ciavaldini
Caroline was born in Toulouse but grew up on the island of La Reunion. She loved sports from a young age, enjoying tennis, dance, sailing and horse riding, but it was at the age of 12 that she discovered she had a passion for climbing. Trying it for the first time on a small wall on the back of her school college, she was hooked. The following year she joined a climbing club and started to train three times a week with a dynamic and motivating group. Making fast progress, she won the French Youth Championship in 2000, and also the French UNSS Championships.

Her success led to selection to compete in her first European Youth Cup. This competition introduced her to climbing at an elite level, and she made the tough decision to leave her family and the island home she loved, in order to train in France. For although she had some good training facilities on La Reunion, they were limited, and she knew she could not move forward and progress by staying home.

Caroline has now been training seriously in France for the last ten years. Complementing her training with university studies she developed a good network of friends. Having now graduated she is dedicating herself to her climbing. For a year she lived between Montpellier and Innsbruck - two bases which were ideally placed for exploring the very best of European rock.

Caroline is now a full time and professional climber with immense success both indoors and outside, a world class competition climber with huge talent also in traditional, multi-pitch, sport climbing and bouldering. But beyond this she has a true love and passion for her sport. In 2012, Caroline hopes to devote much of her time to climbing outdoors, with several projects for some major routes in Sardinia, Spain and Borneo. Her ambition is to push her limits in multi-pitch and trad climbing to progress and develop her skills, and to push the boundaries of female climbing. She has an incredible life, and is very aware that she is living her dream...!
Birthdate: 06.03.1985

Home: France

Favourite destination: wow that's a hard question! I am now in Thailand, and it looks pretty much like paradise, but I have been saying this in Turkey, Morrocco, Laos and in fact every place I have discovered this year. So I guess the world is my paradise!

Favourite mountain: I will go for St Leger du Ventoux, a sport crag in the south of France, not so well known, but just amazing!

Favourite Book: L'elegance du Herisson. (The Elegance of the Hedgehog). It’ a simple story written in the most elegant French style, I am afraid this book isn’t really translatable.

Favourite Films: PS I Love You. I am just a girl after all, and romance always works with me.

Favourite Food: I am French, so of course bakery goodies, foie gras, oisters, magret de canard, and all the French specialities are for me a must eat!

Greatest Fear: The death of the people I love.

How I Relax: I can spend hours reading, but of course if you could add to that a great foot massage, I will be in heaven.

Philosophy: Follow your goals, enjoy the path as much as the result, and on your way, try to bring people with you.

What inspires you? Definitely multi-pitch at the moment, those real adventures on the rock, where you end each day exhausted and proud of your work. Mostly it's in fact people who inspire me, those people that give you a piece of sunshine when you meet them.

Words to live by: Try to realize every second of your life how lucky you are to be here, alive and in this beautiful world.

- 1st place at the World Cup in Chamonix 2011
- 3rd place at the 2009 World Games (the most important event in competitive climbing)
- twice placing 3rd overall in the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Lead World Cup
- three times Youth World Champion
- four times French National Champion

- numerous on-sight leads up to 8b/+
- numerous redpoints up to 8c+, 2012, Mind Control in Oliana.
- First female ascent of hard multipitches up to 8b+, Les Chemins de Kathmandu
- Opening of routes up to 8b above 4000m, in Borneo, Kinabalu