eneko pou
Carpe Diem - Eneko lives these words and he never fails to ‘sieze the day’. His childhood love affair with the mountains has led him to impressive litany of free climbs, extreme ski descents and high altitude expeditions. He has gained true respect for his talent and attention to safety.

Born in the Basque Country of Northern Spain, Eneko fell in love with climbing as a child, often journeying into the Pyrenees and the Alps with his parents and brother, Iker. His passion grew and Eneko was selected as a member of the first Spanish Young Mountaineer Team. While deeply committed to mountaineering, Eneko was not content to limit himself to rock climbing, and instead explored the many disciplines of mountain adventuring: rock climbing, ski mountaineering, ice climbing and high-altitude alpinism.

For Eneko the mountains mean adventure, but this is inseparable to his partnership with his brother, Iker. They have become renowned for their incredible projects together - achievements which could only be realised by joining together their talent, energy and passions. Their dream is "to travel, to meet new people, to venture into the unknown and to explore to their limits - together, and through the medium of climbing".

With their project to climb together Seven Big Walls on Seven Continents, a dream to climb a significant wall on each of the world’s continent, Eneko and his brother explored together the unknown and to the limits of their own endurance. They have pushed the boundaries of big wall climbing, making what is possibly one of the hardest free-climbs to date with their ambitious project to free-climb the West Face of the Naranjo de Bulnes, a 500m limestone wall leading to the sumit of the Picos de Europa massif in the Spanish Pyrenees. With their idea 'The Hardest of the Alps' a project to free climb three of the most difficult alpine routes within one summer, the brothers succeeded in something never before attempted.

The Pou brothers' passion for climbing has led them to incredible achievements worldwide. They are renowned for their talent and their phenomenal projects only strengthen their reputation as daring and innovative free climbers. Their successes continue to push the worldwide standard, and they truly live the philosophy of The North Face to ‘never stop exploring’.
Birthdate: March 17th, 1974

Home: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain

Favourite Destination: a climbing, mountaineering or skiing trip anywhere in the world

Favourite Book: The House of Spirits, Isabel Allende

Favourite Films: The Name of the Rose

Favourite Food: Spanish Omelette, Red Bull (for sports) and beer for all other times

Words to live by: Carpe Diem: there will still be time to play cards!
- THE DOOR ca. 650m, proposed 8b, Perfection Valley, Baffin Island 2012. First ascent together with Iker Pou, Hansjoerg Auer, Ben Lepesant

- LA CLASICA MODERNA 1000M/6c/MD, Mt. Blanc, Alps, August 2011. Opened with Iker Pou and Herve Barmasse in August 2011.

- TOTEM Project, 8a/250M. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 2011. The first free ascent in a day by Eneko & Iker Pou and Ralf Cortes.

- ATAHIO DU DIABLO 8a+/300M, Cristo Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 2011. The first free ascent, by Eneko & Iker Pou and Ralf Cortes.

- ORBAYU, summer 2009: Naranjo de Bulnes (2504m), Picos de Europa, Spain. New route in combination with an existing route, first ascent in free climbing, A3 in aided climbing. Proposed to be one of the hardest big wall free climbs.

- CHANI project, April 2009. The Pou brothers opened 4 new routes in the unknown massif of Chani in the Argentinian Andes: Pachamama 5/1000m. Morro Von Ronsen (5450m), Vitoria-Gasteiz 85°/600m. Aguja Negra (5350m), Gure Etxea 60°/900m. Chani Grande (5896m). Punta Ibanez (5888m). Traverse of the Chani Grande, Marcados por el Chani 85°/650m. Chani Chico (5570m).

- THE HARDEST OF THE ALPS project, summer 2010. The Pou brothers free climbed three of the most difficult routes in the Alps during one summer: Solo Per Vechi Guierrieri 8c/150m, Pan Aroma 8c/500m and Zahir 8b+/300m.

- 'Seven Walls - Seven Continents' project, 2003-2007; including El Nino (8b+/850m) route on Yosemite’s El Capitan; Zunbeltz (8b+/500m) route in Spanish Naranjo de Bulnes; Bravo Les Filles (8b/600m) route in Madagascar; Free Route (7b+/65m) in Tasmania’s Totem Pole; Eternal Flame (8a/1100m) in Pakistan’s Trango Tower; the Supercanaleta (6c/M6/90º/2000m) route of Fitz Roy in Argentinian Patagonia; and the first ascent of Zerua Peak on the Antarctic Peninsula with a new route Azken Paradisua (7a/M6/90º/760m).

- "Lurgorri" 8c+/250 metres (5.14c/250m). Naranjo de Bulnes (Spain). New route and first free climb. First 8c+ Big-Wall in the world.

- various climbs up to 8b+, 7c+/8a onsight, and 8b at second go

- Extreme ski descents in Pyrenees and Spanish Nevada including: Coloir Swam 45°-50°/600m, North of La munia 50°/850m, North of Monte Perdido 50°-55°/900m, The classic of Midi D'Oussau 55°/650m, Couloir La Fourche 50°/700m, Suela de la Zapatilla 50°/200m, Corredor Norte del Veleta 45-50°/350m, Canal Sureste de la Galana 50°/150m.

- Expeditions to Annapurna (8.051m), Baghirathi 3 (6454m), Kethardome (6880m), Cotopaxi (5960m), Ama Dablam (6868m), 1999-2004.

- Pakistan Winter Expedition. Shimshal Valley. Two new Ice Climbs of 3 and 5 level and first attempt to Yizhal of 6.000 m with skis and in winter, until 5.500 m.
- Videoclips: "Red Bull Psicobloc Mallorca" 2008, "Orbayu" 2009, "Pakistan Winter Expedition" 2010, "Demencia Senil" 2010, "Turkia" 2010, "Melloblocco" 2010, "Vechi Guierrieri" 2010, "Pan Aroma" 2010, "Zahir" 2010, "Red Bull Psicobloc Colombia" 2010.

- TV advertisments for Telecommunications and Mountain Magazine

- For C+: "Gentle Vertical", "El Nino"

- For ETB Basque TV: "7 Walls 7 Continents" (8 films of climbs around the seven continents), "Mendeku" 2003, "Boulder en Argentina" 2006, "Boulder in Australia" 2005.

- For TVE Spanish TV: "The Great Canadian Knife" 2000, "La Olca Perfecta" 2002, "USA climbs" 2004.