james pearson
Over the next few years James plans to keep travelling the world in search of the hardest, most inspiring lines
From the Peak District in the UK, James has made a name for himself on God's own rock. By the age of 19 he was one of the UK’s brightest talents and his outstanding affinity with rock has since led him worldwide in search of the hardest lines. His first ascents of The Groove and The Walk Of Life (UK), two of the most technically difficult routes in the world, have raised the bar for hard traditional climbing.

Following his outstanding ascent of 'The Walk of Life', James felt he had reached a plateau with his climbing and needed to change his focus if he was to continue to develop and improve. He had the courage to question and challenge himself, and chose to work on his weakness - sport climbing. Training was long and tough, and at ever greater intensity, but rewarding as James starts to reap the fruits of his work. In April 2011, all of this hard work paid off when James made the first “ground up” ascent of an E10 with his ascent of ‘Muy Caliente’, an incredibly bold and difficult route on the imposing sea cliffs of Pembrokeshire, Wales.

2012 saw the realization of a long term dream – to climb Fr9a, which he achieved with an ascent of Escalatamasters, above the picturesque village of Perles, Spain. Making full use of the conditioning and confidence, James continued his successes with fast ascents of several hard multi-pitch routes around Europe, including a flash of Mezzogiorno di Fuoco, Fr8b, 270m, and the first repeat of Aria, Fr8a+ EXPO, 350m. The highlight of the year however was an expedition to Mt Kinabalu, Borneo, where he, along with fellow athletes Caroline Ciavaldini, Yuji Hirayama, and Daniel Woods, opened some of the hardest high altitude free climbs in the world.

His dream for the future is to reach unknown heights and to continue to push the standards of extreme traditional climbing. Motivated by opportunities to 'step into the unknown' and living by the philosophy of letting life 'flow' James has a fervor and passion for climbing that inspires.
Birthdate: 15/12/1985

Home: Born in England, living in France

Favourite destination: Dolni Zleb, Czech Republic - rock doesn’t get much more perfect

Favourite Book: Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Favourite Films: with a mind like a Goldfish, it changes all the time. I recently smiled a lot at L’Arnacouer.

Favourite food: One year ago this question was easy – Thai, Thai, Thai. But after a long stay in France, the Frog’s legs are growing on me... ;)

Greatest Fear: The 9to5 and polyester suit

How I relax: D.I.Y! It’s becoming an addiction!

Philosophy: Flow

What inspires you? Stepping into the unknown...

Words to live by: Elevation
Traditional Routes
- 2011 Muy Caliente E10 ground up: The first and only person in the world to climb E10 without ”top-rope” practice
- 2011 Numerous on-sights of E8’s in Pembroke, South Wales: The current top level achieved in this style
- 2010 On-sight first ascents of big wall Sea Cliffs in Tazmania
- 2009 Gerty Berwick: Regarded as the hardest route on Gritstone
- 2008 End Of The Affair: One of the first E8’s to be on-sighted on Gritstone
- 2008 The Walk Of Life: One of the most mentally demanding routes of his career
- 2008 The Groove: The Peak Districts most infamous project
- 2005 Equilibrium: The “original” E10, the fastest and youngest ascent

- Several Flashes of V13 boulder problems, including:
The Ganymede Takeover, Brione,CH
The Great Shark Hunt, Chironico, CH
Schule des Lebens, Chironico, CH

Sport Climbing
- Many routes up to Fr8c+ all around the world
- Several flashes and on-sights up to Fr8b+

Multipitch/Big Wall
- Alanga, Mt Kinabalu, Borneo: 120m, 3 Pitch, Fr8b - Flash, 3rd ascent
- Aria, Punta Plumare, Sardinia: 350m, 10 pitch, Fr8a+ EXPO – 2nd ascent
- Mezzogiorno di Fuoco, Monte Giraldiri, Sardinia 270m, 7 pitch, Fr8b – Flash
- Amico Fragile, Monte Donneneittu, Sardinia: 230m, 6 Pitch, Fr8b
- Joy Division, Qualido Wall, Italy: 800m, 22 pitch, Fr8b - The first “one push” ascent
- Les Chemins Du Katmandou, La Jonte, France: 120m, 3 pitch, Fr8b+ - 3rd Ascent
- Lucifers Lighthouse, Devils Bay, Newfoundland : 400m, 12 pitch, Fr7c – On-sight
- La Cadaire, St Guilhem, France: 140m, 3 pitch, Fr8a – On-sight