Being Yourself

Because by blazing your own trail
you can be an inspiration for others.

Keep doing you. But hold space for each other because through our uniqueness we’re stronger together.
She Runs It! is a community. They support women in becoming their best selves.

“Strength, heart and
vision are behind everything
we do to support continuous
growth in everyone who
attends She Runs It!”

She Runs It!

Community movement.

She Runs It! is a community movement. Embracing authenticity, individuality and sisterhood. Its founders believe we naturally build resilience by challenging ourselves through sport and this gives us the confidence to empower other women.

Move with fluidity and comfort from paved streets to dirt trails with the high-performance, sweat-wicking fabrics, VECTIV™ footwear technology, and forgiving stretch materials of the Active Trail collection.

To all the women who dare to go first.

That move mountains,
so we can move forward together.

Who climb,
so others can reach higher.

Who ask why
and feel proud to be different.

Who stand tall,
so others can stand taller.

Who speak up,
to give others a voice.

Who start a journey,
for others to continue.