What is the benefit of fleece?


Whatever your next adventure has in store, you need clothing that can keep up. From the trail to the summit, fleece is a must-have synthetic fabric that’ll keep you warm all day, every day. It also traps heat close to your body to combat the cold.

A quick-drying layering system is perfect for outdoor adventures—so you can simply get going. The ultimate combination of lightweight material and durable construction, fleece is easy to launder and highly breathable. 

What is a fleece?

Fleece is a flexible addition to any outdoor wardrobe. Whether you’re seeking a stand-alone piece or a full-zip fleece to wear under your jacket, invest in a fabric that promotes breathability when on the go. A fleece jacket or pullover is an essential layer in any hiker's kit.

Our TKA Glacier Fleece Jacket is an ideal mid-layer for colder temperatures. Pair it with a waterproof jacket and stay light and dry all season long. For a more relaxed fit, try the Women’s Cragmont Fleece which is perfect when you’re ready to hit chilly trails in total comfort. 

Every explorer needs a fleece for autumn hikes and spring walks. You can also level up your performance with our other gear. Options like our Women’s 100 Glacier Fleece Jacket pair well with complementing garments for layering. As temperatures drop, insulation technology reduces heat loss, helping to keep you warm, even in the coldest climates. 

What is a performance fleece?

A performance fleece is built for explorers who are always on the go. Made for active or athletic use, a combination of polyester and lycra is engineered for long days on the trail when your heart rate is soaring as you summit that peak.

Performance fleeces are extremely flexible and meant to move with you. While you’re active, a synthetic polyester will absorb moisture to keep you dry and cool. Then, when you’re taking a breather, insulating properties will kick in to keep you warm. 

Elastane is also in the fabric mix of pieces like our Men’s Impendor Apex Light Hooded Fleece. Plus, an elasticated hem prevents chilling winds from getting in to help keep you warm. To keep young explorers warm on the slopes, a Youth Snowquest Full-Zip Fleece is perfect for flawless on-piste performance with a synthetic polyester construction. If you’re looking to run in whatever weather, grab a performance fleece before your next trek.

What does microfleece mean?

Microfleece is a thin, soft, and flexible fabric that is lighter and more breathable than thicker alternatives. Despite being the lightest of the fleece fabrics, it performs well as a warm single-layering piece. Built for any adventure, a lightweight construction promotes mobility on the move. 

Our Polartec® microfleece technology has a unique lofted structure that’s as breathable as it is warm. As far as fleeces go, the 100 Glacier Fleece Jacket is a classic for a lifetime of adventure. Many of our micro-fleeces have two zipped hand pockets to store your essentials, and a super soft interior will keep you warm as temperatures drop. Turn the jacket into a mid-layer by pairing it with a breathable waterproof shell such as the Summit Series Futurefleece™. Extra insulation reduces heat loss even in the coldest conditions.

Who makes the best fleece jacket?

There are different fleeces for different purposes. So, it’s best to keep an eye out for key features like breathability and comfort. Plus, a fleece with functional extras like thumb loops and a chest pocket so you can keep warm, and keep anything you’re carrying in one place.

Here are the best fleece jackets for outdoor activities:

What is a fleece pullover?

A fleece pullover normally features a flexible crew neck, quarter zip, or snap-neck button top, so it's super easy to get on or off while on the trail. An ideal mid-layer, pair your fleece pullover with weather-resistant outerwear before heading into the outdoors.

For women, the TKA Glacier Snap-Neck Fleece Pullover is made of 100% recycled polyester fleece for a sustainable solution to tackling the trail in style. For men, if an exposed top zip is more your thing, try the Men’s 100 Glacier Quarter-Zip Fleece Pullover.

When your young explorer needs a throw-on for training in any weather, you can’t go wrong with the Surgent 1/4 Zip Pullover. As iconic as it is durable, a colour-blocking design and camouflage chest overlay panels will help keep things light and fresh.

Can you wash a fleece jacket?

Yes, you can wash your fleece jacket in a few simple steps. For a quick fix, put your fleece in the washing machine on a gentle cycle using cold water. Hand washing is also an option for polyester fleece, but be sure to turn it inside out to prevent pilling. 

You should avoid fabric softeners to protect fibres, and air drying your gear is better for longevity of the product and a little kinder on mother nature, too. Remember not to iron your jacket as the fibres may melt! 

A fleece jacket is recommended for any traveller seeking to embrace the unexpected. Choose something for your trip that is fun, functional, and built to last a lifetime. Whether you’re pioneering a new expedition or trekking a local trail, pick the perfect fleece for adventure today. Go ahead, redefine exploration, and make your next move.