The World's Finest Alpine Equipment Reimagined

The Other Way

We do things because they are difficult, not in spite of it. The 2015 Summit Series collection represents the world’s finest alpine equipment, reimagined. Designed as the most elite equipment for exploring the world’s harshest environments, this pinnacle line is crafted on three guiding principles: Respect. Inspire. Evolve. Respect for our athletes and the extreme environments they play in. Inspiration through extremely simple, yet purposeful design that leaves nothing in excess. And a commitment to evolution by introducing innovative technologies that redefine the cutting edge of mountain sport.

We believe the truest version of ourselves stands well beyond comfort's perimeter. This is our quest—to break through, to transcend by doing. Shed skin. Lose blood. Find ourselves gasping for breath and drenched in sweat and still not even half way there.

Most people prefer comfort in their lives, forgetting that difficulty is actually what nourishes the human spirit. Risk. Fear. Doubt. The unknown. Now we're beginning to feel the beating heart of experience. It's not necessarily the way everyone would choose to live. But it's our way.


As the world grows smaller, it gets harder to stay off the beaten path and discover parts unknown. The Khumbu Valley, Nepal, is home to some of the most well-traveled treks and high-altitude mountaineering routes in the world.

Yet beyond the trade routes lies an uncharted world of 6,000-meter peaks. In February 2015, Conrad Anker, Hilaree O'Neill, David Göttler, and Renan Ozturk set out to find something new. The goal was simple: to test gear, explore new valleys, and find potential new climbing opportunities in Langtang National Park, in the Kyanjin Gompa region.

Climbing the Himalayas in the winter is always a big gamble. The weather ultimately denied them a summit, but they got what they came for - a notebook full of options and plans for the future.

On April 25, a few months following the February expedition, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal, followed by several aftershocks. The North Face donated to both the American Himalayan Foundation and directly to ongoing relief efforts. If you want to join the fundraising effort, please visit:

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