The North Face Community Managers are leaders in the movement to reconnect people to the outdoors in key cities across Europe. They engage and motivate those in the communities in and around our stores to get outdoors through running weekly training sessions, setting up workshops, and organising weekend activities. 

From Mountain Athletics training, to outdoor photography masterclasses, and weekend trail running adventures, our Community Managers are helping fuel the mind, body and soul of those who want to escape the ordinary. 



Jen Slater, Community Manager, The North Face, Regent Street, London

A London based outdoor fanatic, Jen is a self-confessed ‘try-athlete' who sets out to prove there's an activity suited to everyone and will try anything once, so long as it involves not staying still.

From climbing to trail running, stand up paddleboard yoga to white water rafting, Jen encapsulates the true essence of the modern explorer. 

As our Community Manager in London, she dedicates her energy to connecting all people with the outdoors whether that be through a weekly series of events, building partnerships with local clubs and organisations, or simply connecting with other passionate explorers in the city. 

Jen's mantra is "it's all worth it if I inspire just one other person to explore outside of the city and discover a world beyond the concrete jungle".