Metro Ex

Designed for city functionality.

Metro Ex is a collection that connects the outdoors
to the urban
and redefines what it means to explore.


Climber and urban nature explorer

She believes exploration is a mindset.
It’s a journey of self-discovery. She seeks our juxtaposition and contrast to find a natural balance.

‘‘Mountains make me feel small and help me re-balance my priorities. But even simple things like a walk in the park or looking for shapes in the clouds connect nature to the city.’’

Inspired by
the Base Camp Duffel
the icon of exploration


Sound Engineer and DJ

He experiences nature with all his senses – touch, taste, smell and sound as well as sight. This way he can find nature everywhere, even in a dense urban environment, and feel free.

‘‘Exploration and curiosity are part of us from the moment we’re born. And as the world moves faster and faster, we explore nature to escape and disconnect.’’