Dry Wall™

DryWall™ is more than just yet another generic waterproof and breathable fabric. This innovative product is the result of a collaboration between The North Face® and Mitsui, one of the most sophisticated Japanese textile producers. We now have a fabric with specific inherent properties including a flame retardant. Consequently, we no longer need to add fire-retardant chemical agents to a thick sheet of polyurethane, something which we had been doing up until now in order to comply with US regulation CPAI 84 on fire protection. UU. The thick polyurethane sheets have a negative effect: they drastically reduce anti-tear resistance and the breathability of the fabric. We now have a fabric that is more resistant to tearing than any other anti-rain cover available (1.81kg in Elmendorf tear resistance tests and resistance to stress of over 45kg), a fantastic DWR treatment (which does not allow the fabric to weep or sweat) and a high capacity to expel transpiration (869 g/m2/24 h ASTM E96B). All of this is delivered in a light product (67 g/m2). This technology is used in our entire range of ultra-light tents and single-skin bivouacs, which can be found on the next page, as well as in our model shop Alpine monolayer, as well as in our single-skin alpine tent model. All these models have more in common than just this extraordinary fabric: in addition, they all feature a complete range of mechanical ventilation options, so that everything stays dry and comfortable in a wide range of climates.