Here’s to days filled with untold promise, unknown destinations, unplanned journeys.
Wherever your summer takes you, we’ve got
the gear to get you there.

Summer is the season of ice creams and barbeques, sweaty hikes and sunset campfires,
salty hair and sandy toes. It’s the season we long for, pine after, and dream of.

It’s a chance to escape, whether physically or psychologically, and discover new places,
people and experiences. For Tim, Elena, Roberto and Raffaella it’s a time to connect, share,
laugh and explore the Italian island of Sardinia.


Roberto Oprandi

A product designer, he believes nature is experienced uniquely by each of us

“If there is one thing that excites me every time I’m outdoors with other people, it is the unique relationship each one of us has with nature.

The best part of that weekend spent together in Sardinia was the pleasure of observing how each adventure companion interacted differently with nature. I wonder how many ways there are to explore and experience a place, how many different approaches, how many activities.

This is my definition of freedom. I was thrilled to see my friends astonished by some newly discovered insects or lichens, as well as to see them doing handstands on a boulder with the golden sunset behind them, but also to see them fighting against fatigue and adverse weather. And then I experienced a profound moment of peace in seeing the magical places of Sardinia without hordes of tourists.

I was truly thankful for the chance to experience those pure places, smell their scents, see their colours. I realised for the umpteenth time how essential it is to respect and preserve the places where I put my feet.”

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From strange coastal rock formations, sculptured by the salty air to sea water coloured as if for a fairytale, and dusty inland trails worn in by human feet to historic towns romantically crumbed by time, Sardinia is an island of raw nature, slow culture and diversity. Though the sun finally set on their adventure, with the light gradually dimming and the ferry pulling away from the port, their memories
would never fade.

Raffaella Braganca

A city explorer, she believes
nature is humbling

“I come from the city and my passions, primarily skateboarding, take place in its angled concrete, human-made shapes and rigid forms.

To experience the raw nature of Sardinia was truly eye-opening. My senses have been awakened. I’ve discovered that I’m capable of so much more. Nature isn’t something you mess with.

We had rain, hail – even snow – then sunshine and heat. I was able to wake up in a tent, not knowing what landscape would await me – one coloured golden in the sunrise or blanketed under mist and rain. But the experience was enriching. I learned
from my friends.

I saw things through a new lens, the macro, the micro and the spaces in between. There is beauty in all things, and we found much to explore and uncover among the rocks, paths, beaches and mountains of Sardinia.”

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Morning and evening are bathed in golden light. At night, campfire and headtorches dance in the dark. The days are long and meandering, winding along a path that’s enjoyed for the journey, not just the destination.


Timothy Thompson

A curious explorer, he believes being in nature is the greatest school

“Sea, mountains, lakes, rivers – every place lends itself to learning and knowing something that has previously escaped us.

I will think back to those days in Sardinia and remember the moments spent with friends and loved ones. When we opened the map, identified a point and headed for it carrying backpacks, sleeping bags
and a tent.

The fear of uncertain weather mixed with the adrenaline of the ourney and the unawareness of tomorrow – a land that you learn to know step by step.

I became addicted to the beauty of that series of sensations, where each new journey is a story that I have lived, and a renewed opportunity to get to know new parts of me and of the people
by my side.”

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Each day unfurls slowly, not wanting to reveal itself in full. Plans are hatched in the moment and each moment is savoured to be played back with fondness, years from now.

Elena Gogna

A biologist, she believes
nature is her guide

“On paper, I’m a biologist but in fact I deal with the environment and its protection. All my passions are guided by nature and its
eternal mysteries.

I like to look at things like I do through my microscope, so that no wonderful details can escape me. Any natural place could potentially keep me for a week: every stone, bush, or tree is like museums where no entrance ticket
is required.

I like to go to these museums alone, but I must say that with friends it is another emotion: with their questions and curiosities the natural morphology takes on
a new aspect.

I remember those days in Sardinia: waking up in the tent to the sounds of the earth and the sky and being seized by the enthusiasm of starting a new day together with my friends, ready to discover what might lie outside the zip. My legs took me from one valley to another, and turning my gaze to see my friends, the complicit looks and satisfaction of having succeeded, together.”

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