GEAR: Choosing the Right Shoe for the Right Terrain

International Women's Day - Athlete Team

Are you going out on a steep trail run with lots of climbing? Or maybe it is a rocky path in wet conditions? The shoe you use is not only going to make it easier and safer but a lot more fun too.

Choosing the right shoe for the right terrain and conditions is critical to maximising performance and making the most of your trail running time.

Here we are looking at three shoes from the Ultra Series which cover the three core areas; the Vertical, a shoe built from the ground up to help you climb faster; the MT, with unparalleled grip and comfort in wet weather; and the Endurance, for when you need a shoe to keep delivering way down the trail.

The Ultra Vertical

Tamara Lunger - Alpinist

The Ultra Vertical is our go to shoe for those runs that just keep on going on steep, technical terrain. The geo cage construction creates a perfect fit coupled with an anatomically shaped sole to maximise stability with Vibram rubber to make sure you are not slipping and sliding around. Vertical Kilometre, anybody?

The Ultra MT

Lizzy Hawker - Ultra Runner

The Ultra MT is designed for the toughest, wettest, and most technical trails you can find. With a soft sole that maintains excellent grip, even when wet, you will be able to keep on your feet on the trickiest of terrains. It also has an extra durable front mesh so stones, branches and debris will just bounce off. Who is getting out no matter what the weather?

The Ultra Endurance

Ashima Shiraishi - Rock Climber

The Ultra Endurance is here for when you are going to go far. 50km, 100km or 100 miles, this shoe is going to keep your feet comfortable, safe, and secure from beginning to end. Vibram Megagrip for the most tenacious ground, our Snake Plate to protect your soles from stones and sharp objects, and extra heel stability for when you need that bit of support. Are you taming the Lavaredo Ultra Trail this year?