The world today is a very different place to yesterday. These uncertain times and the devastating effects of this pandemic touch us all.

For many of you, who have exploration deep in your hearts, the sudden restrictions on moving freely in the outdoors has been a shock. When daily routines are altered and activities that bring us great joy are cancelled, there is understandably huge disappointment.

But behind this disappointment is a purpose, one that serves not just our own pursuits but those of everyone around us. The call of the mountains is strong, the allure to explore is high. Yet for once the call from the mountains carries a different message, even stronger than before.

It’s time to stay home.

Staying at home is our new project, it’s the gnarliest line, the latest route and the PB challenge. So, stay at home, use the time wisely to plan, prepare and practice for when the mountain call returns and we can explore the great outdoors once again.

For when the dust settles, the mountains will still be there and by staying home now we will protect the people who make going to the mountains a possibility.

This is for the doctors, nurses, rescue crews and hospital workers who have our backs when expeditions and trips go wrong. This is for all those who work and support the industry that allows us to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. And this is for all those we have never met and may never meet but need us to make this small sacrifice to ensure their health remains intact.

Distance does not mean disconnection. Our digital world allows us to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues but it can also provide ways to escape and explore from within your own home.

We’re working with our athlete team and network of explorers to bring you all the ways to stay curious, connected and creative. So, whether it’s live workouts or previously unseen expedition films, The North Face will continue to try inspiring exploration.

Remember, it’s down to all of us.



  • Follow government guidelines and stay home where possible
  • Stay active and fit. Get to know your hangboard and dust off those weights for home workouts
  • Be inspired by taking the time to read books and watch films that are yet to be ticked off. We hear FREE SOLO is a good watch…
  • Be kind and look after those around you, particularly those who are less able to stay connected online



  • Fail to follow government guidelines on isolation and social distancing
  • Take unnecessary risk by continuing to climb, ski and explore outdoor areas and potentially become the person who takes up a much-needed hospital bed
  • Stay disconnected or alone and allow the challenging times to shut you off from the world – we are in this together.

The North Face Family