City Heights


Lucrezia Mattioli


Zita Alberti

“Cyclicity and connection. People and planet. Product and soul. Everything is becoming dynamic and circular.”


Lucrezia Mattioli
& Zita Alberti


City Heights is founded in regeneration. It’s symbolised as a spiral, a shape representing becoming. It’s never still, it creates and recreates, endlessly. The spiral exerts a powerful force because it connects to the renewal of life. In this way, we don’t draw a circle, but a dynamic spiral to represent regeneration.

This path can be synthesized with a spiral, a figure in becoming, never still, that creates processes and recreates them. The spiral is a sign that exerts a powerful magnetic force, perhaps because not only does it appear spontaneously and unexpectedly, but also because it is directly connected to concepts of extension, development, emanation and the cyclical continuity of life. In this way, we do not draw a circle, which has a beginning and an end, but a dynamic and “multi- circular” figure, a spiral of “RI”. Cyclicity and connection. People and planet. Product and soul.

“Exploration is self-discovery, showing ourselves for who we are. It’s an immersive, absolute experience, free of limits and constraints.”