Expedition Parka

It's more than
a jacket.

Every journey is a milestone.
In 1990, The North Face sent an international team of explorers on the first dogsled crossing of Antarctica—an extraordinary physical feat across 4,000 unforgiving miles.
Their mission was to study climate change and raise awareness for Antarctica’s endangered environment. Their partner was designed to face the coldest continent. It became a barrier between failure and glory. A symbol of unity that brought the whole world together.
Because when the journey takes more...

It's more than a jacket.


Trans-Antartica Expedition Member

Trans-Antarctica Expedition Parka

The Trans-Antarctica Expedition Parka is journeying from the South Pole to the city streets as a symbol of cooperation, teamwork and hope. Originally crafted for the extreme weather of the South Pole, this new incarnation is loaded with 700-fill of responsibly-sourced down and it’s fabricated with recycled nylon. To celebrate the original expedition, it features flags of the six nations who circled Antarctica together.

A celebration
of cooperation

1990 - Trans-Antartica Expedition