Sustainability isn’t a side project. It’s central to everything we do.
From designing recyclable products for the next adventure to protecting wild places for the next generation, we’recommitted to exploration without compromise.

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Join a
clean up

Our continent’s highest mountain is made of trash. Join our campaign to help clean up and restore the great outdoors.

As good
as renewed.

Give gear a second chance with The North Face Renewed. Refurbished gear, ready for the next adventure.


Keep the
good going.

Discover gear crafted using our circular design principles and built to live on (and on, and on) in a world without waste.

is a future

Source Better

Use more materials that are recycled, responsibly-sourced renewable orregeneratively grown to help reduce ouruse of finite resources.

Minimize Waste

Generate as little waste as possible during production and put textile waste and leftover materials to use.

Maintain Durability

Craft products that work to resist damage and wear. The most sustainable piece of gear is the one you don’t have to replace.

Champion Cyclability

Design products to be more easily broken down and made into new gear at the end of their usable lives.


Mend and
make better.

Join the movement to extend the life of your gear. Leave your trusted gear with us and we’ll repair or customise it, ready for your next adventure.


You might be done.
Your gear isn’t.

Drop your used The North Face gear into our in-store bins and we'll refurbish, donate or recycle it as part of our commitment to circularity.

our journey
to better

Scale Circularity

We are developing circular systems to recycle previously owned gear and reuse the raw materials, keeping them out of waste streams.

This year, we’re launching our first products intentionally designed for circularity. We already have initiatives helping to keep used gear out of landfills, such as our Limited Warranty repairs programme and our Clothes the Loop programme. And through the continued roll-out of our Renewed Collection, we’re giving used gear a second chance at exploration.

Move to 100% responsibly-sourced fabrics

We’re working towards making all of our products from recycled, regenerative or responsibly-sourced renewable fabrics.

This means sourcing fabrics that are derived from materials that will replenish over the course of a lifetime. We’re on track to hit our goal with all our clothing in 2025 and all footwear and equipment by 2030.

Accelerate sustainable packing

Our goal is to eliminate single-use plastic packaging by 2025. In the meantime, we’re reducing the amount of product packaging and designing it to be recyclable.

We only use recycled content and/or third-party certified content (such as Forest Stewardship Council certified) for all our paper materials, like product hangtags and cardboard shipping boxes.

Minimise our suppliers' and retailers' environmental footprints

We’re committed to working with our suppliers to help them reduce their environmental footprint, with a goal of a 50% reduction by 2030.

We’re also partnering with retailers who share our mission and values.